• My PhD student Lifu Huang is on academic market looking for a tenure-track faculty position. Lifu has published 35 papers, extremely creative, super brave at exploring ambitious new directions and making a difference, and passionate at sharing his knowledge. Most of my funded grant proposals are based on his work. His letter writers include myself, and other wonderful internship mentors and collaborators: Yejin Choi, Kyunghyun Cho, Jiawei Han and Peter Clark. Please keep an eye on his application!
  • Receiving new grants from ARL and Facebook, thanks to all of our sponsors!
  • UIUC-Columbia achieved top performance at DARPA AIDA/NIST TAC SM-KBP Multimedia Knowledge Extraction evaluation.
  • New home:
  • UIUC Computer Science is hiring many tenure-track / tenured faculty members, I'm chairing the NLP/ML/AI recruitng subcommittee, please consider self-recommendation or recommending your best PhD graduates to join the wonderful faculty.
  • Launched UIUC NLP seminar and NLP Reading Club.
  • I'm hiring! research faculty members, research scientists, post-docs, PhD/master/undergraduate RAs, program managers and software engineers. Drop me a CV if interested.
  • My official ads for woman PhD applicants - work hard and play hard with me!
  • PhD students on 2020 job market: Lifu Huang (academia), Xiaoman Pan (industry) and Ying Lin (industry).