Fall 2019 Schedule

Date Time & Room Speaker Title, Abstract, Bio Affiliation
October 4 (Friday) 10am-11am, Room 4405, Sibel Center Yejin Choi Commonsense Intelligence: Cracking the Longstanding Challenge in AI UW
October 11 (Friday) 3:30pm-4:30pm, DCL1310 Kyunghyun Cho A Generalized Framework of Sequence Generation NYU
October 18 (Friday) 2pm, Room 2405, Siebel Center Ray Mooney Explainable AI: Making Visual Question Answering Systems more Transparent UT
October 25 (Friday) 10am-11am Avi Sil Transfer Learning for Question Answering at IBM Research AI IBM
November 19 (Tuesday) 4pm-5pm, Room 3403, Siebel Center Michael Regan Extraction of Force-dynamic Image Schemas for Event Structure Representation of Procedural Text University of New Mexico
November 22 (Friday) 10am-11am Lifu Huang TBD UIUC