• Multilingual Enity, Relation, Event and Human Value Extraction

    An end-to-end multilingual (English, Russian, and Ukrainian) knowledge extraction system that performs entity discovery and linking, relation extraction, event extraction, and coreference.

    • Manling Li, Ying Lin, Joseph Hoover, Spencer Whitehead, Clare R. Voss, Morteza Dehghani, Heng Ji. 2019. Multilingual Entity, Relation, Event and Human Value Extraction. In NAACL-HLT 2019
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    • Tongtao Zhang, Hongzhi Li, Heng Ji, and Shih-FuChang. 2015. Cross-document event coreferenceresolution based on cross-media features. In Proc. EMNLP 2015.
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  • ELISA Information Extraction System for Low-resource Languages

    Information Extraction system for low-resource languages (282 languages as of September 2017, growing fast).

    • Xiaoman Pan, Boliang Zhang, Jonathan May, Joel Nothman, Kevin Knight and Heng Ji. 2017. Cross-lingual Name Tagging and Linking for 282 Languages. In Proc. ACL 2017.
    • Ulf Hermjakob, Qiang Li, Jonathan May, Sebastian Mielke, Nima Pourdamghani, Michael Pust, Xing Shi, Kevin Knight, Daniel Marcu, Nikolaos Malandrakis, Anil Ramakrishna, Victor Martinez, Elisabeth Staruk, Tanner Sorensen, Dogan Can, Shrikanth Narayanan, Tomer Levinboim, Kenton Murray, David Chiang, Boliang Zhang, Xiaoman Pan, Di Lu, Lifu Huang, Xiaocheng Feng and Heng Ji. 2016. ELISA System Description for LoReHLT 2016. In Proc. NIST LoReHLT 2016 Workshop
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    • Ying Lin, Xiaoman Pan, Aliya Deri, Heng Ji and Kevin Knight. 2016. Leveraging Entity Linking and Related Language Projection to Improve Name Transliteration. In Proc. ACL2016 Workshop on Named Entities.
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  • RPI Joint Information Extraction System

    The English joint IE system can extract ACE types of entity mentions, relations and events jointly.

    • Qi Li and Heng Ji. 2014. Incremental Joint Extraction of Entity Mentions and Relations. In Proc. ACL.
    • Qi Li, Heng Ji, Yu Hong and Sujian Li. 2014. Constructing Information Networks Using One Single Model. In Proc. EMNLP.
    • Qi Li, Heng Ji and Liang Huang. 2013. Joint Event Extraction via Structured Prediction with Global Features. In Proc. ACL.
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  • RPI Entity Discovery and Linking System

    Biomedical Entity Linking to 300+ Biological Ontologies

    • Han Wang, Jin Guang Zheng, Xiaogang Ma, Peter Fox and Heng Ji. 2015. Language and Domain Independent Entity Linking with Quantified Collective Validation. In Proc. EMNLP.
    • Jin Guang Zheng, Daniel Howsmon, Boliang Zhang, Juergen Hahn, Deborah McGuinness, James Hendler and Heng Ji. 2014. Entity Linking for Biomedical Literature. BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.
    Link bio linker